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What is UniverseinDisenchantment.com

Nonprofit Organization

An NPO with our goals

All the structure behind these books, from its production to its final steps at the reader's hand, or from its disclosure to public events and conferences are completely nonprofitable. Every reader that supports the cause, pays for his own costs and helps the community to promote world peace and protect the world's nature.

This website has NO NEED for profit but to resell the books, from its original costs without the import costs. Helping the readers to reach the books faster and cheaper.

Import and sell

About the Books Universe in Disenchantment

The books are bought in one of many official libraries distributed in Brazil and resold in Europe, from Sweden. The import costs are paid by us, as a private person, and we do not pass on the cost, any extra charges. Why? We believe that helping to reach the books easier, faster and cheaper will be helping to build a new and better society. So we will always pay the import costs and taxes, do not taking any profit on it and you will pay for the delivery of these books to DHL. The Swedish taxes are applied to all companies which handle products such as books at 6% as an obligation in Sweden. The Swedish taxes are included in every order and repass to the government at year taxes declaration.


As a Nonprofit organization

It is quite common that readers wish to donate books at disclosure events. This is part of a culture of helping others at their first steps. So readers can buy a book and give it for free to anyone who demonstrates interest. We also will donate books Universe in Disenchantment on this website for free, on monthly campaigns. If you win a book on this website, you will only pay your delivery to DHL.

Physical Store

100% Online library store

We do not have a physical store today like the official libraries found in Brazil, but we offer support to all readers by e-mail. Our web-shop is an online library, a private initiative which respects the ownership and copyrights of "Racional gráfica Editora", where we only resell what we have bought and by the same price we have bought. And as buyers, we resell by ourselves as RationalCulture.Org, not profiting and even paying for you to reach the books faster and cheaper. If you are looking for an official library in Brazil, please visit: www.universoemdesencanto.com.br



Racional gráfica Editora Ltda.

The copyrights and production of the books Universe in Disenchantment belongs to the Brazilian company "Racional Gráfrica Editora Ltda" and sold in one of its official libraries in Brazil. Our website buys these books in Brazil and imports them to be sold in Europe. All the costs of import, export, advertising and resell of these books made by our website are only to promote the Rational Culture disclosure. For more information about the official libraries in Brazil: The official website of the books Universe in Disenchantment.


The only shipping method on our website.

Our partnership with DHL will leave your package directly at your door, with a tracking number and all the support from DHL team. We do not intend to use any other delivery method than the security of DHL. For more information about DHL, please visit:

Disclosure assets

Helping your disclosure in your country

All the material for Rational Culture disclosure on this website has the only purpose of disclosure of the books Universe in Disenchantment. For digital design, please download the PDF from our website. Since we do not sell, print or redistribute marketing assets, we suggest for you to send to any local graphic company of your own choice.


About DHL and this site

We just offer refund in cases that a DHL package, still sealed, returns as not accepted by the buyer. If the package returns, we will refund the books that you have ordered. The transport made by DHL is nonrefundable, unfortunately.

Contact information

The "Racional Gráfica Editora Ltda", responsible for the production and copyrights of the books in Brazil:

  • Rua Professor Paulino Chaves n. 21
  • Nova Iguaçu ZIP 26.053-610
  • +55 21 3759-9000

The RationalCulture.Org post address is:

  • Rational Culture Org
  • Box 817
  • 101 36 - Stockholm - SE

Some of the official libraries in Brazil:

  • Travessa Guaporé nº 350 Sl. 1
  • Cerâmica Rio Branco - AC
  • ZIP.: 69.910-320

  • Rua Siqueira Campos nº 1148
  • Prado - Maceió - AL
  • ZIP.: 57.010-003

  • Rua Leopoldo Machado 1427
  • Prado - Maceió - AL
  • ZIP.: 57.010-003

  • Rua São Sebastião nº 31
  • Bairro: Central - Macapá - AP
  • CEP.: 68.906-430

  • Av. Sete de Setembro nº 80 (Ed. São Pedro) Sala 103 - 1º andar
  • Bairro: Centro - Salvador - BA
  • CEP.: 40.060-000

  • Av. Godofredo Maciel nº 3399 Sala 103
  • Bairro: Maraponga - Fortaleza - CE

  • Setor de Diversões Sul -Conj. Baracat 3º andar - Bloco E e G -Sala 306
  • Bairro: Plano Piloto - Brasília - DF
  • CEP.: 70.392-900

  • Rua Duarte Lemos nº 502
  • Bairro: Vila Rubi - Vitória - ES
  • CEP.: 29.025-220

  • Av. Gov. Amaral Peixoto nº 151 Lj. 5
  • Bairro: Centro - Nova Iguaçu - RJ
  • CEP.: 26.210-060

  • Rua Santa Luzia 50 - 102
  • Centro - Aracaju - SE
  • CEP.: 49.010-310

  • Rua. dos Algibebes n.3 - Sala 303 - Comércio
  • Salvador - BA
  • CEP.: 40.015-080

  • Rua Nova Barão nº 40 Sobre Loja
  • Centro - São Paulo - SP
  • CEP.: 01.042-010

  • Alam. Dr. Carlos de Carvalho 156 conj. 3
  • Curitiba - PR
  • CEP.: 80.410-180

  • Setor de Diversões Sul -Conj. Baracat 3º andar - Bloco E e G -Sala 306
  • Plano Piloto - Brasília - DF
  • CEP.: 70.392-900

  • Av. Otto Niemeyer nº 2716 Sl.206
  • Cavalhada - Porto Alegre - RS
  • CEP.: 91.910-001

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