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כרך 13 - התפכחות היקום - תרבות ההיגיון


הספר: “התפכחות היקום“ - תרבות ההיגיון
- כרך 13
- Rational gráfica Editora Ltda / Manoel Jacintho Coelho

4 The true light of the Rational animal is the light from the world of his origin the RATIONAL LIGHT from the RATIONAL WORLD 5 WE ARE WHOLLY IN THE RATIONAL APPARATUS PHASE This is the discovery of the two worlds: the electric and magnetic one which is the world we live in, and the other world which is the RATIONAL PLAIN, from where we came out and which gave consequence to this one, for deforming ourselves into Rational animals. And so, with the assiduous reading of this knowledge, one acquires the Rational Clairvoyance and the living creature will see the RATIONAL PLAIN, the place of origin of everyone. In this knowledge, the revelation of the two worlds. The world has already gone through an infinitude of phases, we are now in the Rational Apparatus phase; it is the last phase of the life of matter. The phase in which everyone will be linked to one's World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. And from there receiving all the orientations required for one's equilibrium here in this life. The true Rational Phase when all will get in touch and communicate with the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, receiving all the orientations transmitted by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR for one's equilibrium here in this life. 6 The human being is the most monstrous parasite there exists upon the Earth, in view of the hideous crimes that he practices against the natural laws. Man is a vague beast without a destiny who was born upon this Earth without knowing why or what for. In this Literary Work, you will know the reason why. * * * The knowledge of the return to the place of origin of everyone, the RATIONAL PLAIN, our World of Origin, from where all came and to where all are going, how all came and how all are going. The salvation of the Rational animal can only be done by the world of his origin, the RATIONAL WORLD, and nobody else. This is the discovery of the two worlds: the electric and magnetic which we inhabit and the other which is the RATIONAL PLAIN, from where we came out and which gave consequence to this one that we live in. With the assiduous reading of this knowledge, one acquires the Rational Clairvoyance and the living creature will see the RATIONAL PLAIN, the place of origin of everyone. 7 ATTENTION Here is the glorifying point of the Rational Animal, the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. Everyone without effort, very naturally, seeing the Rational Light inside one's home and being attended to inside one's home. There is no need of going anywhere because inside your homes you are oriented in everything, you will receive all the orientations required for your equilibrium. As you can see, it is a natural knowledge and not a science out of someone's imagination. It is not art because science is art, but it is from up here, from the other world, the RATIONAL PLAIN. Then, from the other world which is the RATIONAL PLAIN comes all the orientations required, inside your homes or wherever you are, for the equilibrium of everyone. Therefore, there is no temple, there is no synagogue, there is no house of preaching to preach the RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION. No! Each of you in your homes will receive all the graces from your World of Origin. 8 The origin is Rational and you will receive all the required orientations inside your homes. From the world of your origin, you will receive all the required orientations, wherever you are. Therefore, there is no need for temples or synagogues in order for all to be oriented inside your homes or wherever you are. You will receive all the required orientations from your World of Origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. And so, it is time for the Rational animals to vibrate with joy, all vibrating with joy for having encountered one's true World of Origin, for encountering the right bearing and, such thing not being expected, the emotion will be enormous! And so, vibrating with joy, the contentment is general so that the Rational Animal, overjoyed, will not know how to thank the divine grace achieved, the definitive change to his true World of Origin, the RATIONAL PLAIN. This knowledge is not for the commerce of exploitation but for the salvation of everyone. That means the return of all to your World of Origin, the RATIONAL WORLD. The true world of the Rational Animal is the RATIONAL WORLD. An emissary of the owner of the Book, the RATIONAL SUPERIOR, accompanies this knowledge to do whatever is necessary for the reader. 14 WARNING The life and the organization of organic beings are in such a way that organic beings make confusion with life. Life has its very clear organizations for he who knows how to live. But, for he who does not know how to live, it becomes disorganized and the organic beings reign on fencing, on the fencing of life. In order for life to be well-formed, well-constituted, firm, equilibrated to the good living, it is necessary that the organic beings and the organizations be all parallel or adequate to the manner that life is constituted: because life is also constituted of several organizations and several forms of the power of life. The power of life rests on that, which the organizations can correspond in order to be equivalent to life. What does it worth the living creature to have a life, to live and to do not know how to live? It does not do any good. Because the more he tries to organize himself in life, the more he disorganizes himself, and disorganizing himself, the more and more suffering has been engulfing him. It is like the tide, always against the tide, in a stormy sea. And so, these tempests that prevail on the life of the living creature that sinks this precious life, by these storms made because of not knowing how to live, and the living creature remains imagining and saying; "The more 15 I look for the good, the more it gets distant from me, the farther it gets or maybe in the Infinity because I cannot see what I am going to do with the life." And the living creature remains in this bitter twilight, in this dream of a desperate sufferer, in this dream of tears, in this infernal nightmare, thinking about an infinitude of things and not knowing how to solve his ideal. INTRODUCTION In this Literary Work are all the teachings of the beginning and the end of the world dictated by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR to administrate the Rational Leanings. What are these Rational Learnings based on? They are based on the true personality. In the Rational Learnings are all the bases of one supreme being to everything and to everyone, in order to make known to all where you have come from, how you have come, to where you are going, and how you are going. Is it spiritism? No! Spiritism is this enigma that all dreams they possess but have never proved nor will ever be able to prove it; that is why it is spiritism, thing or cause on experience, and where there are experiences, there are enigmas. Therefore, spiritism is enigmatic and the Rational has no enigma. Rationally all enigmas are clearly, lapidated, and solidly solved. 16 Spiritism means experimenting, on experience, smart, pricking, exploitation, always with two intentions, good and had; an explanation that does not account for the profound being of matter, remaining in experience always, without a solution, because of conserving all the mysteries, all the enigmas, and all the enchantment. Here it is the reason for the sufferings and the weeping. He who lives on experience does not arrive at the reason or to the conclusion of things. Spiritism, philosophy, thing which nobody can have faith in. He who sails on experience does not know whether he is right or not. Spiritism and a boat adrift are the same thing because both ignore and keep in mystery their origins and maintain the mysteries of everything. Therefore, spiritism is a call to alert everyone that there exist the inhabitants of this immense vacuum and other whereabouts, beyond and much beyond this vacuum. That is why spiritism is in the singular, the reason why it never went any further than that. Then, we from the Superior Astral came here to guide you all, to enlighten you all on these mysteries, to disenchant you all, to prove the why of all these confusions, and to verify the why of everything and for everything. Therefore, the Rational Leanings is given by Us, inhabitants of the Superior Astral, are real learnings of the why of this life, the why of this world, the before being of everything that composes this world, and the why all are unknown of their origin, of the why of life, of everything and of everyone. This is only possible with the Rational Learnings, with what is 17 Rational, with purity and with the truth of truths, and not the way you live there, at the mercy of spiritism that, for being something in experience, gathers all the false truths. The one who lives on experience is not with the truth but has a particle of the truth. This particle of the truth it is what animates everyone in these spiritism experiences, and throws everyone in doubt with the false faith because faith it is from the false conductor. If faith would not be from the false conductor, no one would be betrayed by it; if faith would be of worth and would solve, all would conquer with the power of faith and no one would suffer. There would be no suffering because all, with faith, would solve everything of good, of goodness, or of evil. Because faith is an enigma from this enchantment there, you live maintaining the suffering and the weeping, for if it were of any worth no one would suffer. Everyone uses faith and its power for every formality, for every effect, and every solution. If faith were of worth, there would be no misery of all sizes, of all carats, nor suffering; but because it is of no worth that is why all suffer: the rich one suffers, the remedied one suffers, the one who has and the one who has not suffers. If it solved, none of this would exist, and because it does not solve that is why all this exists. Therefore, the leanings given by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR are Rational Learnings, are much different from this hollowness where everything is hollow; it only exists in words but, in reality, nothing. Many fertile leanings will come with the course of the Rational elaboration given by the RATIONAL SUPERIOR. 18 And so, everyone, each one in their category: the inhabitants of the Earth, the inhabitants of the outer space, which is this immense vacuum, the inhabitants of the other whereabouts and the Inhabitants of the Superior Astral, all will get there, but let's go slowly, learning all the lessons from the coreligionists of the Rational elaboration. The doubts belong to the one who knows nothing and with the elapsing of this records, all doubts will disappear. because what it is Rational is complete and what it is science, is from the enchantment and incomplete. You are used to the science of the enchantment and the science of the enchantment is full of doubts. You need to note well that what is Rational has no doubts, mysteries, enigmas, or enchantment. It enshrouds everything with the truth. Therefore, what it is Rational is above everything and everyone, and the science of the enchantment and of the enchanted ones is below everyone and everything because they are creations of the philosophers who remain philosophizing: "To be or not to be?" Philosophies made by the enchanted ones that do not know what they are doing, and he who does not know what he is doing leaves everyone with doubts: for that reason, all live doubting everything, everyone and themselves, because of living under this scientific philosophy created, invented and forged by the inhabitants of the Earth. Enigmatic beings, matter without a solution that leaves everyone with doubts, as till today you live there, doubting everything, without any solution and saying: "In the world, everything is an illusion and nothing else."

הספר: “התפכחות היקום“ - תרבות ההיגיון
- כרך 13
- Rational gráfica Editora Ltda / Manoel Jacintho Coelho

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